Coffee & Tea

Jack Daniel's Coffee, Royal Kona, Lion Coffee, Hawaiin Islands Tea

Private Label Coffee & Tea : Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers / Cafe

- Keurig cups, Nespresso capsules, cold brew pitcher packs, coffee bags and portion packs, tea blends, decaf

Automated Commercial Hot and Cold Drink Machines, Vending Machines

- Evoca, Necta, WMF, Vending Machines by Slices To Go

Truffles : Laumont, Truffes Québec, Private Label Retail Ready Truffle Products

- Truffles; fresh, dried, frozen, preserves, truffle extra virgin olive oil, juices

​- Appalachian, Perigord, Bianchetto, Summer 

- Nut & Truffle Trees, potted by

Wine & Spirits

- Distribution to Canada:  Terra Estate Winery, TEW Private Label Wines

- Distribution to USA : Distillerie de la Chaufferie


​-, PSP Services Co

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President Terra Estate Winery is an online food, and finance marketplace.  We offer exclusive food, beverages, machines and finance brands, as well as custom private labels from the finest growers, and manufacturers in the world.

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Trusted brands and monthly pop-up specials the perfect experience and talents to work with us for our truffle trees and food products.

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Truffes Québec Inc.

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